Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh Ava...

Ava had her 2nd x-ray. She came home from her Grandma's upset and couldn't move her arm.
She had apparently fallen while being put in time out and she popped her elbow out of place. 
She thankfully didn't break anything and it was just a quick pop back into place.
What a great way to spend the day after Christmas. 

Let's pretend not to be mad that this happened. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Reagan's first time seeing Santa

Ava and Santa

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is it seriously almost the end of October? Where has this month gone? Scratch that...where has this YEAR gone?

I need to start blogging more, I have majorly have been slacking. I need to work on this.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Another year...

My birthday is tomorrow. Not so much a big deal. I'm going to be 23. 

Birthday's have never really been a big deal to me, well at least mine. My kids are a different story. For me it's just another year older to me. 

When I think back on what has happened the last year it's crazy. Reagan turned 1, I stopped working about a year ago, Eric got a new job that he is doing stuff that he loves to do, we bought our first new car and Ava turned into a crazy 4 year old. This year has gone by fast, maybe a little too fast. 

I wish I could make time pass by slower. Make my girls grow up a little slower so I can enjoy their little faces before they turn into teenagers and suddenly giving me hugs and telling me they love me isn't "cool" anymore. Make the weekends go by slower so I can spend more time with my husband, there never seems to be enough time. Make nights go by slower so I could get more sleep, cause well don't we all ha ha. 

This year, I am going to try to get frustrated less often, enjoy the day a little more, kiss my babies every moment that I can and be thankful for what I have. 

I wanna Thank you Lord,
For noisy children and slamming doors,
And clothes scattered all over the floor,
My husband workin' all the time,
My never ending messy kitchen
And dirty dishes.

Noisy kids are happy kids,
And slamming doors just means we live,
In a warm and loving home.
Your long hours and those dishes in the sink,
Means a job and a enough to eat.
Dirty Dishes - Scotty McCreery

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reagan Kenzie

Dear Reagan Kenzie,
Today, you’re a year old. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday your Daddy and I found out that we we’re pregnant. It was mixed emotions of both scared and excitement. I was careful as I could be, I didn’t want to lose you also. As the days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, I started to feel more comfortable being pregnant. And soon your Daddy’s and my fear turned into joy. I loved being pregnant with you, you may have given me the worst heartburn but you would dance your little heart out when I would lay down and it would always make us laugh. 

I cannot believe you’re already a year old. Where has the time gone? A year ago today, I was in labor with you. Everything happened so fast the next thing I knew you were here. 5lbs 5oz and 17 inches long. It’s hard to remember holding you for the first time, I was so overwhelmed with how fast you came out and that you were finally here after what seemed like a lifetime. I remember your first bath, your Daddy said you looked like you loved getting your hair washed and you still do to this day. Today, a year ago was another best day of my life to add to the list, next to your sister being born and Mommy and Daddy’s wedding day.

We have loved watching you reach all of your milestones. Rolling over, sitting up, army crawling to real crawling, and now you’re starting to master your first steps. You mastered every milestone quickly, that seems to be your motto, you came into this world fast now you must do everything fast. You can get from one side of the room to the other in a split second. I always have to watch you from the corner of my eye because you disappear very quickly. It’s going to be worse once you’re able to get up and take off walking; we’re going to be in trouble then.

You have been a joy, very happy baby. It’s hard to catch you without a smile on your face. You have your Daddy’s personality, very laid back and you go with the flow of things. There’s nothing better in the morning then going in into your room and seeing your smile and how excited you are to see me.  Or watching you play with your sister, I hope that your bond stays strong. Remember no matter what is said or done, she loves you and she always will.

I love you so much, my sweet baby. If I just sit down and think of how much I love you and how wonderful you have made my life I start to cry, every time. I’m so proud of you, my big one year old. But I’m not ready for you to grow up yet, before we know it you're going to be asking for the car keys and then walking down the aisle. 

Slow down baby girl; grow a little slower for Mommy…
I love you, forever and always.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Attention Gypsies

I probably threaten to sell my kids at least once a day...

OKAY, probably more like 5 or 6 times...

Today is the day. Today, I am ACTUALLY going to do it....

Anyone know a good Gypsy family that would like to buy an Australian Cattle Dog puppy?? Ugh...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

best things in life are free

I may not have been able to get the laundry done and I am pretty sure there is a load waiting in the dryer with all the missing clothes I've been looking for.
I didn't get around to vacuuming the floors, don’t even ask about mopping.
I may not have been able to clean the bathrooms or make sure the kitchen was cleaned.
My house is not sparkling clean and I probably could make a small puppy from the dog hair that’s been collecting in the corner the past two days.
These things may not have gotten done but...
I didn’t miss Reagan crawling for the first time or her first word.
I didn’t get to miss the girl's laughter as they play together.
I didn’t miss her Ava tell her little sister how much she loves her and that she’ll always be her best friend.
I didn’t get to miss Ava’s silly faces or her “cool tricks” and "talent show". 
I didn’t miss the smiles I get when Reagan wakes.
I didn't miss reading stories to the girls.
I didn’t get to miss Ava telling me how much she loves me and that I am the best mom ever.

Years from now it won’t matter that the clothes stayed in the dryer or that my house isn’t that clean. What will matter was that I got to savor every single moment of my sweet, beautiful girl’s life and watching them grow up way too fast…

Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet Jargon

He's the new member of our family.

He likes to sleep a lot.

He's an Australian Cattle Dog.

He's pretty darn cute.

And he likes to play....a lot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update on Reagan

Reagan went to her gastro doctor today and she is currently 14.2lbs and 27 inches. She keeps gaining about half a pound or so a month, she’s growing just very slowly. Her stool samples came back normal for fat and proteins, which means that she is absorbing everything correctly. But she had a low amount of acid in her stools. Which leads her doctor to think she has RTA, Renal Tubular Acidosis we have to somehow get her urine test done so that they can test to see if she has it or not. Basically in short terms it will mean her kidneys aren’t filtering the acid in her body out and keeping it and it will cause her to have too much acid in her blood, have kidney stones and pretty much the reason she is so short. My sister has RTA and on my dad’s side of the family they have kidney issues so it’s not too much of a shock if Reagan has issues also.

Another test they would like to do is a colonoscopy to get tissue samples, she recently has been having liquid diarrhea for no apparent reason. It could be an allergy reason but they don’t know. I don’t want Reagan having this test done until after her urine test comes back because if it doesn’t have to be done because if it’s not needed I don’t want her having it done.

The doctor also gave us a prescription for cyproheptadine to increase her appetite and maybe getting her to gain a few pounds and see if it will jump start her growth. We are not 100% sure if I want to give it to her or not. It will make her really sleepy and grumpy.

But good note to end with, she is growing, slowly but still growing. It’s more so a sit and wait to see what happens with her but at least she’s still growing! It's the small victories that need to be celebrated.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Month

I cannot believe it’s already August 1st. It seems like this year is just flying by. I am super excited for it to start getting cold though, even though I know that probably won’t happen until at least end of October-November. Since it’s a new month I have decided I am going to keep my “to do list” short and simple and try to enjoy each day more. I have this issue, well I don’t think it’s an issue but Eric likes to make fun of me for it, I make lists, lots and lots of lists for everything and anything.

I don’t know what it is about making list that I like so much, I probably maybe do half the things on them. But even then I’ll rewrite the stuff I haven’t done on another day. I always have a notebook in my purse and backups all over the house. You never really know when you might have to write something down. Not even kidding, I have about 5 or 6 notebooks laying around my house. I have about 5 lists just for Reagan’s birthday party… Office supply stores are like crack to me. 

It might be a family thing, I know my sister writes things down a lot and makes lists also. But she likes to make lists about things she wants from stores and books she wants. She will window shop online and writes down what she wants.

I haven’t started my list for the month yet but I am pretty sure the majority of it will involve cleaning the house, rearranging Reagan’s room, and finishing Reagan’s birthday party stuff. I am starting to get a little behind on her decorations. There needs to be more time in a day.

Oh and whoever stole our ADT sign from our front yard, you pretty much suck. 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to cloth

We decided it's time to put Reagan back into cloth diapers. Now before you go and say, oh you’re one of those moms... Reagan being in cloth diapers is more so a fashion thing then me trying to save the earth to be truthful. I only have one diaper that is a solid color, the rest are different patterns and animal prints. 

Not only are cloth diapers super cute, it’s a huge plus that my husband and I will be saving money by using cloth diapers also. A huge deciding factor in starting was when we where at Costco and the box of disposables where $40 and I can order 10 cloth diapers with 10 inserts for $50 and those will last me forever instead of just a month. My first set of cloth diapers I bought where "one size diapers", the ones that you snap the front and adjust the elastic to different sizes instead of buying just a small, medium or large diaper. I tried them out for a week and since Reagan is on the petite side they didn't fit her very well and leaked out the sides. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of newborn cloth diapers and have her wear them until she gained some weight so we decided to go back to disposable diapers for a while. Finally Reagan has gained a little more weight and she fits better in them so back to cloth we go!

Diaper butts are adorable but who seriously who doesn’t like a cute diaper butt?


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Ava's outfit of the day. Today she is playing Talent Show and is acting out all the parts herself. Makes for an interesting day.

I seriously cannot believe it's the last week of July already. Before you know it's going to be Christmas...ugh so not ready for Christmas...


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dear Malcolm,
I really thought that you would live forever because of how much of an asshole you where. I never thought that you would get sick, I know that it wasn't our fault but I still feel partly responsible... I hope that in kitty heaven you're having a good time... I hope that the angels that feed you knows that you cannot have wet food cause it gives you the runs and they let you go outside from time to time and that they don't worry you'll always return at 3am meowing at a bedroom window. I hope that they have sunshine that you can sunbathe in and mirrors you can stair at yourself in. I hope that they know to share their pork rines, beef jerky and yogurt with you. I'll miss the sound of your meow when I called your name and the way you use to lick my eyelids to wake me up. I'll miss everything about you, good and bad.

I never thought losing a childhood pet would be this hard, I thought since I wasn't around you anymore it would be okay. But it still hurts just as much... I'll always love you Malcolm and you'll always have a place in my heart. I'll never forget you, ever.

I'll love you always,

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday!

This is how I have been spending most of my day. I have been so busy crafting for Reagan’s birthday. I am currently working on all her invitations. I want to be able to get them out soon but I don't know if that is going to happen or not, eek. People keep asking me why I am planning her birthday so far ahead but seriously, I am  making all her invitations, decorations and pretty much everything by hand. I LOVE the paper that I bought from Jo Anns for her happy birthday banner. It's their Luxury Pack. Soo pretty the scrapbooking paper in there is to die for. I'm pretty excited about it all. 

Reagan had her 9 month checkup today; yes a little late but her doctor is so awesome it’s harder to get an appointment with her then to get away with murder. She came out a whopping 13.5lbs and 25 inches long. She may be at the bottom of the charts in the 3% but she’s making her own curve at least! She has her appointment with her gastroenterologist in a few weeks; hopefully her poo samples will come up with something. But who knows, maybe Reagan is just going to be short and thin, nothing wrong with that. She's fun size! 


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Well, I didn’t workout every day like I was supposed to. BUT I have a reason that I didn't, I swear! I really screwed up my back. I mostly have just been doing light yoga until it gets better which really blows because I am never going to slim down to what I want to be. Dang it.

Like I said before, I am nowhere near over weight but it will still make me cringe to share my current weight with everyone. Just know I am 10lbs over what I was after I had my first daughter, Ava.

Speaking of Ava, I was doing yoga today and she asked if I could show her how. She really likes to do her “exercises” which normally is just her running in a circle and doing jumping jacks but whatever keeps her active. I was trying to how her how to stretch and touch your toes while standing and while doing so she just starts giggling and falls on her face. Literally on her face.  I don’t understand how someone can be that uncoordinated…then again she does walk straight into walls all the time. There goes my hopes and dreams of her doing ballet…ha ha. 

And of course Reagan has to make her way in and this show why it takes me a while to actually write in my blog and of course, my lazy dog Jetta in the background…

-Hello Guys!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pasta Rollie, Roller Master

I absolutely love Italian food. I am half Italian so I’m betting pasta sauce just runs in my veins. I’d like to think that I am actually good at cooking Italian food, well when I actually do cook. My husband does all the cooking in our house; he likes to cook and he’s pretty darn good at it so I let him. Ha ha.

Since spaghetti and meat sauce was already on our food calendar for the day, I thought what the heck I’ll just make some pasta instead of using store bought. Eric and I made homemade raviolis the other day and they were amazing. I had forgotten how amazing, melt in your mouth, goodness fresh pasta is.

Ava kept asking me about a million questions about what I was doing; she kept saying “That’s not how Daddy makes pizza dough.” Every time I cook Ava always makes a comment like, “Ohhhh Daddy’s letting you cook Mommy?” And “Good job Mommy! You’re doing it all by yourself!” She sure knows how to make you feel real good, ha ha.

But, my pasta turned out amazing by the way as usual. My Grandma and Grandpa would be proud.

Rolling out pasta is a pretty hard workout, but I guess if you're not all sweaty after doing it you're definitely not doing it right. My arms are still a little sore.

Ahh, how pretty. Looks a little more like linguini then spaghetti but that's okay. 

Yum, now that's some melt in your mouth pasta. If you have never tried fresh pasta you really need to make some. It's not as hard as you would think it is, just do it already.

Oh and I also can make a kick ass bruschetta. By far my favorite meal. If I was on death row, that would be my last meal...well that and cheese fondue but that obsession is for another time.  


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Workout Wednesday

I am no means over weight but I do want to tone up a bit. I have my problem areas and I still have a little chub left after having Reagan. I try to work out every morning, not that it always happens but maybe 4 days out of 7 it does. Normally it's the days that Reagan decides to sleep in.

I am currently trying to live a healthier lifestyle, cutting out soda and fast food. It’s hard. Coca-Cola is like crack to me, if it’s in my house it’s not going to last very long. It will be a hard cycle to break. But I have to think, water, water, water, and more water. 

I came across the Slim in 6 workout program online when I was looking for the P90X workout calendar. It’s a 6 week program that has cardio mixed with light resistance and it's suppose to slim you down without adding bulky muscles. I’ve done the first week of the program a few months ago and I was so sore I never kept up with it. So I decided last night I am going to reattempt to do the 6 week program again…

So here’s goes nothing,

Week One: “Start it up”

Stay tuned next week to find out how it goes!


*Please note: I am no way compensated for doing or talking about Slim in 6. I doubt they even know who I am. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One of those days..

You know, some days being a Mom really weights heavy on you. Ava really knows how to make an awesome day go bad in a matter of seconds. It’s hard sometimes to remind myself she’s only 4 years old and she doesn’t really understand what she is doing sometimes but seriously, I cannot trust that girl to be alone anywhere. I went to the bathroom for you know, maybe 5 minutes, if that and I return to find both girls playing in Reagan’s room and the ENTIRE room and I mean ENTIRE room covered in baby powder. Plus poor baby Reagan’s hair was grey; I had to wash it twice to get it all out. Seriously? Who baby powders their sister? How that much destruction happens in 5 minutes I probably will never know… 

I sometimes wish babies would drop like a baby giraffe and be ready to go to school. Like a little Dora dropping out, Hola Mommy! All equipped with a backpack and a map to find her way to school. But unfortunately life isn’t fair, ha ha.

It has pretty much been one of those days; I seem to be having a lot of those. Plus you throw in a grumpy, maybe finally *fingers crossed*, teething 9 month old and I think I'll call it a day. 

I am in much need a glass of wine...

Bentley definitely has the right idea about the day.