Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dear Malcolm,
I really thought that you would live forever because of how much of an asshole you where. I never thought that you would get sick, I know that it wasn't our fault but I still feel partly responsible... I hope that in kitty heaven you're having a good time... I hope that the angels that feed you knows that you cannot have wet food cause it gives you the runs and they let you go outside from time to time and that they don't worry you'll always return at 3am meowing at a bedroom window. I hope that they have sunshine that you can sunbathe in and mirrors you can stair at yourself in. I hope that they know to share their pork rines, beef jerky and yogurt with you. I'll miss the sound of your meow when I called your name and the way you use to lick my eyelids to wake me up. I'll miss everything about you, good and bad.

I never thought losing a childhood pet would be this hard, I thought since I wasn't around you anymore it would be okay. But it still hurts just as much... I'll always love you Malcolm and you'll always have a place in my heart. I'll never forget you, ever.

I'll love you always,