Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One of those days..

You know, some days being a Mom really weights heavy on you. Ava really knows how to make an awesome day go bad in a matter of seconds. It’s hard sometimes to remind myself she’s only 4 years old and she doesn’t really understand what she is doing sometimes but seriously, I cannot trust that girl to be alone anywhere. I went to the bathroom for you know, maybe 5 minutes, if that and I return to find both girls playing in Reagan’s room and the ENTIRE room and I mean ENTIRE room covered in baby powder. Plus poor baby Reagan’s hair was grey; I had to wash it twice to get it all out. Seriously? Who baby powders their sister? How that much destruction happens in 5 minutes I probably will never know… 

I sometimes wish babies would drop like a baby giraffe and be ready to go to school. Like a little Dora dropping out, Hola Mommy! All equipped with a backpack and a map to find her way to school. But unfortunately life isn’t fair, ha ha.

It has pretty much been one of those days; I seem to be having a lot of those. Plus you throw in a grumpy, maybe finally *fingers crossed*, teething 9 month old and I think I'll call it a day. 

I am in much need a glass of wine...

Bentley definitely has the right idea about the day.


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