Wednesday, August 24, 2011

best things in life are free

I may not have been able to get the laundry done and I am pretty sure there is a load waiting in the dryer with all the missing clothes I've been looking for.
I didn't get around to vacuuming the floors, don’t even ask about mopping.
I may not have been able to clean the bathrooms or make sure the kitchen was cleaned.
My house is not sparkling clean and I probably could make a small puppy from the dog hair that’s been collecting in the corner the past two days.
These things may not have gotten done but...
I didn’t miss Reagan crawling for the first time or her first word.
I didn’t get to miss the girl's laughter as they play together.
I didn’t miss her Ava tell her little sister how much she loves her and that she’ll always be her best friend.
I didn’t get to miss Ava’s silly faces or her “cool tricks” and "talent show". 
I didn’t miss the smiles I get when Reagan wakes.
I didn't miss reading stories to the girls.
I didn’t get to miss Ava telling me how much she loves me and that I am the best mom ever.

Years from now it won’t matter that the clothes stayed in the dryer or that my house isn’t that clean. What will matter was that I got to savor every single moment of my sweet, beautiful girl’s life and watching them grow up way too fast…

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