Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update on Reagan

Reagan went to her gastro doctor today and she is currently 14.2lbs and 27 inches. She keeps gaining about half a pound or so a month, she’s growing just very slowly. Her stool samples came back normal for fat and proteins, which means that she is absorbing everything correctly. But she had a low amount of acid in her stools. Which leads her doctor to think she has RTA, Renal Tubular Acidosis we have to somehow get her urine test done so that they can test to see if she has it or not. Basically in short terms it will mean her kidneys aren’t filtering the acid in her body out and keeping it and it will cause her to have too much acid in her blood, have kidney stones and pretty much the reason she is so short. My sister has RTA and on my dad’s side of the family they have kidney issues so it’s not too much of a shock if Reagan has issues also.

Another test they would like to do is a colonoscopy to get tissue samples, she recently has been having liquid diarrhea for no apparent reason. It could be an allergy reason but they don’t know. I don’t want Reagan having this test done until after her urine test comes back because if it doesn’t have to be done because if it’s not needed I don’t want her having it done.

The doctor also gave us a prescription for cyproheptadine to increase her appetite and maybe getting her to gain a few pounds and see if it will jump start her growth. We are not 100% sure if I want to give it to her or not. It will make her really sleepy and grumpy.

But good note to end with, she is growing, slowly but still growing. It’s more so a sit and wait to see what happens with her but at least she’s still growing! It's the small victories that need to be celebrated.

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