Saturday, June 23, 2012

Moving Day

Well today is the day, the great four day trek to Seattle. It’s really sad to think that I won’t be living in our home anymore, that someone else will be moving in. Our first home we bought, the home that Reagan was brought home from the hospital to, where Eric and I started our lives together. The past few days seem to be just a blur of packing last minute things and cleaning the house for the renters.

It’s really hard to leave a place where you spent the last 12 years. Walking through our house one last time making sure we didn't leave anything I started to cry. So many memories in one place and we were leaving it behind. I am very excited to start new in Seattle and most importantly get away from this dang heat.  

We are taking four days to get up to Seattle. We broke up the drive into 8 hour days so that the girls aren’t in the car for that long, we could have just driven straight through but it would have been constant driving and plus we have things planned so that we all don’t go crazy.

Day One: Tucson to Las Vegas
Day Two: Las Vegas to Reno
Day Three: Reno to Bend, OR
Day Four: Bend to Seattle

I am looking forward to going to Vegas and Reno. I've never been to Reno and well I've never been to Bend either. Here’s to hoping the girls aren't grumpy the entire trip! 

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