Sunday, November 4, 2012

Skating Adventure

Today was little miss Taylor's birthday party.

I was really nervous about this party because it was a roller rink, and Ava has never really roller skated before. The entire time I was waiting for her or myself to fall and break something, ha. At least we have health insurance now!

This also was Ava's first "birthday/event" as a kindergartner. She was so excited it was adorable. Taylor is one of her best friends so she was extra excited.

Ava did okay for her first time on skates. The skate rental guy didn't lock her wheels so she was falling all over the place. I didn't know they could do that until another mom mentioned it to me. By then Ava was done skating because she was a little embarrassed that she couldn't skate like the other kids. I felt really bad because Ava gets a little overly emotional about things she was sitting there crying saying her foot hurt but I knew it was because she wasn't that great at skating. I kept trying to tell her that Mommy wasn't that great either and told her to watch the other kids falling but she was pretty much checked out of skating. All in all she had a really great time even though she wasn't that great at skating.

Gotta hold on to that wall! 

Ava skating

Ava and Taylor

And here is a lovely video of Ava "skating".

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