Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer or bust!

Today was the LAST day of Kindergarten!
I am amazed at how fast this school year went by. It seems like when I was in school the year took FOREVER to pass and I was so excited when summer break came around. But now, it seems like there wasn't enough school days and now I am wondering how I am going to keep A busy all summer.

Amazing the difference a year makes.

I am so proud of A. She made it through her first year of school with only a few complaints. It's been a year of learning and making friends. Every day I am amazed that she can read and write. Even though now, I have zero privacy, she's reading over my shoulder all the time.

I was really bummed that her school doesn't do "kinder graduations" so her friend's mom and I made them feel special by making them matching shirts and graduation hats. I made their graduation hats out of purple felt, purple yarn for the tassle and some cardboard to keep the corners stiff. It was pretty simple to make.

Now, it's time to plan the summer. I am trying to come up with a "Summer Bucket List". There is a super cute Country Village by our new house that I really want to check out with the girls. They have this adorable English tea house that has children's tea menu. 

The weather has been crap the past few days and looks like it's going to stay crap for the next week. First official day of summer is coming up and it's suppose to rain all day. Gee, thanks Washington! 

So here's to summer, children growing up way to fast and to drinking a glass of wine on the deck every night after the littles go to sleep. 

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